Novice Level


Referrals = Free Money!

Help others while helping yourself! The best of both worlds. Learn how to send referrals in Robinhood, TradingView, and Arbitrage.


Arbitrage Bands 101

This is the 101 course to understanding how to read the Arbitrage Bands so you can learn to start making and taking profit.


Arbitrage Atlas

This is an introductory lesson on using Arbitrage Atlas with the Arbitrage Bands to understand when to been in a trade and when to take profits.


Arbitrage Level Pro

This is an introductory lesson teaching how to use Level Pro and how it can help you start making better decisions when trading in the stock market.


Arbitrage Z

This is an introductory video on using the Arbitrage Z indicator which uses predictive analytics to determine which way the trade is heading.


Arbitrage Bands 201

This is the 201 course in learning about the Arbitrage Bands. Make sure to watch the 101 course first.


The Novice Plan

This video is the final video in the Novice Plan series. It shows all the indicators used together.

Intermediate Level


Arbitrage Control

This is the 101 course for Control a strong addition to the Intermediate Plan.


Arbitrage Z Combined

Arbitrage Z Combined is a very customizable upgraded version of Z. Available in the Intermediate Plan.


Arbitrage TSB

This lesson is to introduce the TSB indicator. Arbitrage TSB is included in the Intermediate Plan.


Arbitrage Sustain

This video introduces Arbitrage Sustain. This indicator comes with the Intermediate Plan.


The Intermediate Plan

This video goes over the Intermediate Plan and it's indicators.

Advanced Level

Pro Level