How Does Unsecured Debt Settlement Help? A Viable Bankruptcy Alternative

If looking for a bankruptcy alternative, it is worth considering unsecured debt settlement. It is amongst the most effective strategies to save money for those who are over-burdened with debt. It not only helps reduce the principal (amount owed), it also improves affordability. Unsecured Debt Settlement A debt settlement program involves an intermediary negotiating with […]

Debt Management Guide: How to Cope with Serious Financial Difficulties

With mounting mortgage, car loan and credit card repayments to handle, it’s little wonder that most people are living in debt these days. Ignoring the debts is not going to help anyone. It’s only going to make it worse. No matter how hopeless the financial difficulties are, the best thing to do is to take […]

How to Repair a Credit Report: Tips to Raise Your Score Now

Good credit is needed for many things – from purchasing a home or vehicle to receiving a low interest rate on different types of loans. Those without a good credit score can really suffer when it comes time to make large purchases. Unfortunately, many people suffer with a low credit score and aren’t sure how […]

10 Ways to Cut Spending: Save Money by Reducing Monthly Expenses

Anyone can cut back on spending to save money for an emergency fund or savings account. It’s critical to work on reducing one’s debt by cutting spending on a regular basis. Once a person has enough savings to cover his living expenses for six months, he has stability to afford extra luxuries. Save Money on […]

Debt Management Tips: Steps Involved in Setting up a Payment Plan

Getting out of debt is much harder than getting into it. That’s a fact. When the shopping experience is over and the excitement of new purchases wears off, what remains is a debit on the bank balance that won’t just disappear. Getting rid of loan and credit card debt requires sacrifice and consistent effort. This […]

Need to Get Rid of Debt? Steps to Take Before Filing Bankruptcy

When all the normal steps to get rid of debt haven’t worked or aren’t available, declaring personal bankruptcy may be the only way to tackle serious debt problems. However, before filing bankruptcy there are a number of important steps that need to be taken. Since the passing of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection […]