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Neuralink Gains Trial
Published on 06/14/2023

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink says it’s gotten permission from U.S. regulators to begin testing its device in people.

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Migraines Suck!
Published on 06/13/2023

Migraines of any type can be debilitating and isolating. When they occur frequently, they can interfere with your professional and personal life.

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Shellfish to the Rescue
Published on 06/12/2023

Only 20% of wastewater is currently treated, with far less than that being recycled. These factors are contributing to a global shortage of clean water. The GCEW report anticipates that demand for freshwater will outstrip supply by nearly 40% in just seven years.

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Apple Vision Pro: Will It Work?
Published on 06/08/2023

With the so far lackluster response users have given to AR/VR devices, one would wonder why Apple would break the bank with a $3500 device, placing it firmly out of the reach of demographically interested consumers.

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EU Works to ID AI
Published on 06/06/2023

The European Union is urging online platforms such as Google and Meta to intensify their efforts in combating false information by implementing labels on text, photos, and other content generated by artificial intelligence, according to a senior official on Monday.