Minks Gone Wild

We hope you’ve liked learning about the environmental impacts of shifts of both prey and predator animals. So, what happens to Ohio when thousands of mink are released from a farm in Ohio?

Perfectly Preserved Midnight Snack

The rule of life is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. More or less that’s what happened with crocodiles, alligators, and evolution. They’re essentially living dinosaurs.

Man Stuck in Terminal for Years Dies

An Iranian man who lived for 18 years in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and whose saga loosely inspired the Steven Spielberg film “The Terminal” died Saturday in the airport that he long called home, officials said.

Frogs are Friends!

Since the pandemic, there have been a lot of eyes on nature- it’s evident with all of the “nature is healing” memes. Interestingly, there is a lot to be said about population shifts and what that means for the environment.

The Arbitrage Life: Korean Dogs Government Employees

A pair of dogs gifted by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2018 are now mired in a South Korean political row, with the country’s former president blaming his conservative successor for a lack of financial support as he gave the animals up.