Poor Credit Mortgage Lenders: How to Get Mortgage Refinance with Bad Credit

Poor credit mortgage lenders specialise in loans exclusively for the subprime credit market. This represents higher risk lending due to the borrower’s repayment history. Whilst mortgage refinance with bad credit used to be relatively easy to attain, the recent economic turmoil has changed all that. Poor Credit Mortgage Lenders Lending money to those with an […]

Some Key Points in the Personal Bankruptcy Process

The third quarter figures (2010) reveal almost 34,000 personal insolvencies in England and Wales, a reduction of 3.7% over 2009. Figures released for Scotland also show a slight drop. (The law relating to Scottish bankruptcy is different from that of England and Wales). While any reduction in personal bankruptcy figures is to be welcomed, some […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage? Mortgage Refinancing Tips

When interest rates have dropped and the end of the mortgage term arrives, many homeowners ask themselves: “Should I refinance my mortgage now?” The answer is never simple. Negotiating a lower home loan interest rate can significantly improve a homeowner’s financial status, or it might prove a bad decision in the long run. Many variables […]

How to Avoid Debt Problems: No More High Debt Interest

Recognizing the value of money and finding ways to avoid debt problems before they happen has never been more critical. The best debt advice has always been that prevention is better than the cure. After all, debt interest is a lot higher than savings rates ever will be. Identifying ways of avoiding debt goes a […]

Advice for Finding Poor Credit Lenders: Bad Credit? Fix and Repair it!

Individuals who suffer from bad credit should realize first of all that they are not alone. Millions of individuals all over the world feel as if they’re drowning in debt, and aren’t sure exactly what to do about it. Luckily, there is some good advice for finding poor credit lenders and for repairing credit scores. […]