Grant and Fellowship Money for Writers to Finance Their Careers

Writing magazines, journals, unions and federal and state educational and creative councils list currently open grants, contests and fellowships that writers can apply for. Criteria and requirements to apply for the grants, fellowships and contests are also listed with these periodicals and organizations. For example, Poets & Writers magazine’s April 2010 issue list over 40 […]

Booking Budget Travel to Ski Areas – Money-Saving Tips for Skiers

To get anything resembling a good deal at a ski resort, the first rule is simple: stay away from peak periods, which in the U.S. are the week between Christmas and New Year, Martin Luther King Day weekend, Presidents Day weekend, and the week following Presidents Day. Travel days surrounding those heavy vacation periods are […]

Landscape a Yard with Thought and Save Money

Landscaping a yard seems like a huge task, but like most projects, dividing into manageable segments works. Some yards already have trees and buildings in place, and these are not obstructions, but are building blocks or starting points for the landscaping plan. Develop a plan with flowers, shrubs, walkways and water sources around construction and […]

How To Trade Options

Learning how to trade options can open up a world of new opportunities for you that can lead to wealth as well as the ability to be your own boss. An options trader is a professional that derives a good portion of their income buying and selling options, which is another investment commodity that are […]