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Personality And Intelligence
Published on 08/30/2023

Ever wonder why math teachers tend to be franker while history teachers are a bit more on the emotional cognitive plane? There might be a reason for that- a new study links personality traits and cognitive ability.

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Emotional Resilience
Published on 08/29/2023

Emotional resilience is your ability to respond to stressful or unexpected situations and crises. The amount of emotional resilience you have is determined by a number of different things - including your age, your identity, and what you've experienced in your life.

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Sometimes Nurture Wins
Published on 08/28/2023

Nothing heats up the nature versus nurture argument like identical twins being raised in different countries and having significantly different IQs.

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Actors Strike! Writers Strike! Cut!
Published on 08/26/2023

The writer’s guild of america (wga) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers(AMPTP) talks broke down and led to the first writer’s guild strike since 2007

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Virgo Season
Published on 08/24/2023

Is astrology real? Probably not. Is there something statistically different about people based on other non-biological features? Kind of.

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Animal to Human transplants
Published on 08/24/2023

Scientists around the country have been trying to learn how to use animal organs to save human lives for years. On July 14, 2023, Dr. Robert Montgomery, director of New York University’s (NYU) Langone Health and director of their transplant institute, reported to The Associated Press that they have successfully transplanted a pig’s kidney into a brain-dead man.

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Get Off the Bus Baton Rouge
Published on 08/23/2023

Sometimes the only way to get the point across to employers is a good old-fashioned strike.

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Organ Donation
Published on 08/21/2023

Have you ever wondered what goes into organ transplants? Can men's organs be used for women? Does race or ethnicity matter?

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Poor Pangolins
Published on 08/18/2023

Maybe one day science will catch up with illegal animal and animal parts trades such that endangered species are no longer at risk of being captured and killed for their parts.

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Is the Lottery Worth It?
Published on 08/15/2023

Have you felt like lottery jackpots have been growing larger than they used to? Maybe there is a reason for that!

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The Smell of....Better Cognitive Ability?
Published on 08/14/2023

Apparently, there is a smell of success. Well, more like a smell to…..increased mental capacity?

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Bison Update
Published on 08/11/2023

Remember kids, trust nothing, including what you see with your own eyes. There’s usually more to a situation than what you may initially think.