ICYMI: AI Bill of Rights

The Biden administration unveiled a set of far-reaching goals Tuesday aimed at averting harms caused by the rise of artificial intelligence systems, including guidelines for how to protect people’s personal data and limit surveillance.

Fed Fighting Stablecoins

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday that stablecoins will need greater regulation as they become more widely used by consumers.

News Changing Faces

For more than half a century, ABC, CBS and NBC have aired evening newscasts each weeknight on television. This fall, the competition has spread to another medium.

The Ants are Armed

Ever wonder why some bug bites hurt more than others? In fact, have you ever wondered how some bugs are able to draw blood while others can't? The answer lies in their mouths. Literally.

AirBnB Hosts Sick of AirBnB Too

Disgruntled Airbnb guests are taking to Twitter and TikTok to vent about everything from cleaning fees to misleading listings. But they aren’t the only ones with complaints: Airbnb hosts themselves have become increasingly disillusioned with the platform and its disrespectful guests.