Elon/Twitter Breakup: What's Next?

Shares of Twitter slid more than 9% in the first day of trading after billionaire Elon Musk said that he was abandoning his $44 billion bid for the company and the social media platform vowed to challenge Musk in court to uphold the agreement.

Want a Gun in New York? Check your Socials.

As missed warning signs pile up in investigations of mass killings, New York state is rolling out a novel strategy to screen applicants for gun permits. People seeking to carry concealed handguns will be required to hand over lists of their social media accounts for a review of their “character and conduct.”

ICYMI: What's Next for 10 Downing?

Potential successors to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rushed to differentiate themselves from an increasingly crowded field Sunday as the governing Conservative Party was expected to set a tight timetable for the election.

Thanks Mom and Dad

All sorts of things may run in your genes, and you may just not know. Genes go beyond having brown hair or blue eyes, in fact, even some of your personality traits can be inherited!

ICYMI: We're Going Back to the Moon, Sorta

A satellite the size of a microwave oven successfully broke free from its orbit around Earth on Monday and is headed toward the moon, the latest step in NASA’s plan to land astronauts on the lunar surface again.

No More Virtual, says Poll

Many Americans don’t expect to rely on the digital services that became commonplace during the pandemic after COVID-19 subsides, according to a new poll, even as many think it’s a good thing if those options remain available in the future.

Please Stop Calling Me

Tired of getting calls from random numbers about your Medicare benefits (that you probably don’t qualify for), social security benefits (again, that you probably don’t qualify for) and/or your car’s warranty? You’re in luck, they’re probably illegal and you might be able to get compensation.