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Put Those Things Back Where They Came From Or So Help Us
Published on 12/11/2023

Please, please, please think before you flush your pet fish Hubert. Or having a viking funeral for him at a lake or pond- there’s a good change he’ll end up being a problem for the environment.

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Tax Loss Harvesting
Published on 12/08/2023

Have you ever opened a trade only for it to immediately decrease in value? Maybe you've started a long-term investment in the red and wished for a do-over? There is a technique the ultra-rich use to capitalize on their losses while still maintaining market presence, and it's called tax loss harvesting.

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December's Delicacies: Traditional Dishes from Around the World
Published on 12/07/2023

December is a month of festivities, marked by unique cultural celebrations and, of course, an array of mouthwatering traditional dishes from various corners of the globe. As the year winds down, many cultures come together to commemorate the season with flavorsome specialties that hold historical, religious, or familial significance. These exclusive culinary creations bring warmth, joy, and a sense of tradition to the table. Let's embark on a gastronomic journey and explore some of the delectable dishes served only during December in different parts of the world.

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The 5 Love Languages: How to Receive and Express Love
Published on 12/06/2023

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge. The five love languages are a highly effective set of tools to have in your relational toolkit. When we know what another person’s love language is, we can choose the gestures that will most resonate with our partner.

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Word of the Year 2023
Published on 12/05/2023

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary has chosen "authentic" as the Word of the Year for 2023. Let's discover why that word was chosen.

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The Power of a Dad
Published on 12/05/2023

Are you a dad? Do you have anxiety? As luck (and math) would have it, that could work in your child’s favor!

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Until Death Do Us Part, with Family?
Published on 12/03/2023

Family enmeshment involves nonexistent or poorly defined boundaries, unhealthy relationship patterns, and lack of autonomy or emotional independence. Here are a few empowering tips to break free from the chains of enmeshment with intentions to cultivate healthier, more resilient relationships and marriages.

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Building Your Savings Muscle
Published on 12/01/2023

We all know how challenging it can be to save money. How can you build up your "savings muscle?"

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Santa's 'Naughty or Nice' List - Too Kind or Too Weak?
Published on 11/30/2023

Kindness, a virtue celebrated universally, occasionally resembling vulnerability or weakness in the eyes of those who misunderstand it. Is it as simple as the 'Naughty or Nice' idea perpetuated by jolly Old St Nick.

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Snow, Ice, and Ultraviolet Rays
Published on 11/29/2023

The importance of sunscreen extends beyond the warmer months and remains vital even during the winter days ahead

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Leave the Leaves!
Published on 11/28/2023

According to the USDA, we should all "leave the leaves" this year!

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Apparently It's not Apples......
Published on 11/27/2023

Apparently not an apple, but a cup of strawberries a day might help improve your health and…. keep that pesky doctor away.